Providing Maryland Families with Sound Legal Representation
Providing Maryland Families with Sound Legal Representation
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Hear From Our Clients

Attorney Thomas Mallon: Elder Law and Estate Planning Services in Baltimore County, MD

When it comes to estate planning in Baltimore County, there is no attorney more effective than Thomas Mallon. For many years Attorney Mallon has been providing the Baltimore area with elder law and estate planning services that have helped the elderly community plan the rest of their lives effectively.

What is Elder Law and How Does it Work?

Thomas Mallon has been serving Baltimore as a family planning and elder law attorney for many years. In the time that he has been in practice, he has helped many people of the elderly community with their legal needs. But what is elder law, and how exactly does it work? At the law firm of Attorney Thomas Mallon, all aspects of elder law and retirement planning can be easily explained.

Elder law is the specialty field of law that deals with the various legal needs of people past a certain age. The focus of elder law is the legal issues that senior citizens must deal with. Each state has a government that deals with the complex and multifaceted legal matters that seniors are faced with. In order to effectively carry out legal concerns of the elderly community, a responsible and knowledgeable attorney is needed. Attorney Thomas Mallon is such a lawyer; one who understands the needs of senior citizens who are in the stages of planning either retirement, estate planning, or are facing health issues that require legal assistance. 

For more information on elder law attorney practices and fees in Baltimore, Maryland, please contact the law office of Thomas Mallon today.

What is Estate Planning?

Most people do not know that they have an estate, but most people do. An estate is anything that you own, whether it be your car, real estate, or a bank account. Regardless of how much you own, anything that is yours is part of your estate. When the time comes for you to plan for the distribution of your assets after you die, that is called estate planning. If you want to control how your possessions are distributed, an estate planning attorney is essential. Thomas Mallon is an estate planner in Baltimore County, MD. When it comes to trust planning, or estate planning, it is important that you elect a power of attorney, or someone who will be in charge of distribution of your estate. Attorney Mallon has been helping people with this process for many years. 

If you are at the time of your life where you are thinking ahead about your estate trust, you may want to consider working with Attorney Mallon. Mr. Mallon is available to speak with you about your questions regarding estate planning, trust administration, estate tax, or income tax related to estate planning. Please give his law offices a call today if you would like more information.

Elder Law

Managing the End of Your Life

Elder law is a field of legal practice which deals with issues that concern the aging aged population from different angles. The aim of elder law is to prepare the elder individual for total independence and financial mobility through long term care solutions and proper financial planning. This practice also aims to prevent elderly abuse and ensure safety and security of elder citizens.

There are many legal issues with older adults. These issues range from basic and routine health care needs to more complicated legal needs like asset protection, investment, retirement plans, and personal welfare. The legal needs of the older adults are not only limited to these areas but encompasses the full spectrum of their lives. With today’s economic conditions, the needs of the elder population have become much more complex and dynamic.

Legal assistance from an elder law attorney can prove to be very beneficial when the family members and friends are unsure of various aspects of the elder adults’ legal status. An elder law attorney’s expertise not only applies to current needs of the elder but also to family members and close friends of the elder who may need special needs planning as well. Most attorneys offer free consultation and do not charge any legal fees until their work has been done. It is also not uncommon for some attorneys to offer their services at a minimal cost in return for specific and detailed work accomplished.

Numerous attorneys offer free consultations and handle cases of all ages ranging from simple divorce and death settlements to complex and sensitive issues like elder abuse and neglect. In most cases, family members and close friends will approach an attorney to discuss and provide necessary information regarding a loved one’s legal position. They will then decide whether or not to retain an elder law attorney on a case-by-case basis or to pursue a full-blown legal case. Family and friends may not be aware of certain legalities and facts that may prevent them from pursuing an aggressive legal case. For this reason, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable on elder abuse and related laws.

Another aspect of long-term planning and estate planning concerns the assets and financial portfolios of the elder. An elder law attorney is able to instruct his or her client about how to handle important financial documents and assets. They also assist the client and provide assistance with tax planning. If a family member or friend has recently suffered from an injury or illness that left him or her unable to work, an attorney may help the client manage his or her finances and secure appropriate healthcare. Estate planning may include the wishes of the elder to create a will or trust, establish a retirement plan or establish a living trust.

Many states, as well as private insurance companies, offer the elder a limited power of attorney that enables him or her to legally transfer financial and other assets to a trust. This allows the elder to control his or her own money and assets, eliminating the risk of strangers stealing his or her assets, or leaving him or her in poverty. The attorney can also advise the client regarding the best course of protecting his or her interests in the face of sudden illness or in the event of his or her death.

Long-term and economic prosperity is not always guaranteed by one’s genes. As a result, many elderly individuals often depend on their savings and retirement funds to meet their basic needs and support their livelihood. Unfortunately, some may find themselves unable to continue working because of an accident or an unexpected ailment. In these cases, estate planning may be necessary for the well-being of the elder and his or her dependents. An attorney can advise the client and provide ways to handle his or her financial affairs after he or she passes away.

No one wants to think about the end of their life, but when it comes to long-term planning and economic security, it is best to plan for the unforeseen. If you or a loved one is facing the possibility of incapacitated elder law, contact a skilled attorney who can help you make sure your legal affairs are taken care of. An experienced attorney will work with you to ensure that your wishes are properly executed and that your needs are met after you pass away.