Providing Maryland Families with Sound Legal Representation
Providing Maryland Families with Sound Legal Representation
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Hear From Our Clients

Attorney Thomas Mallon: Elder Law and Estate Planning Services in Baltimore County, MD

When it comes to estate planning in Baltimore County, there is no attorney more effective than Thomas Mallon. For many years Attorney Mallon has been providing the Baltimore area with elder law and estate planning services that have helped the elderly community plan the rest of their lives effectively.

What is Elder Law and How Does it Work?

Thomas Mallon has been serving Baltimore as a family planning and elder law attorney for many years. In the time that he has been in practice, he has helped many people of the elderly community with their legal needs. But what is elder law, and how exactly does it work? At the law firm of Attorney Thomas Mallon, all aspects of elder law and retirement planning can be easily explained.

Elder law is the specialty field of law that deals with the various legal needs of people past a certain age. The focus of elder law is the legal issues that senior citizens must deal with. Each state has a government that deals with the complex and multifaceted legal matters that seniors are faced with. In order to effectively carry out legal concerns of the elderly community, a responsible and knowledgeable attorney is needed. Attorney Thomas Mallon is such a lawyer; one who understands the needs of senior citizens who are in the stages of planning either retirement, estate planning, or are facing health issues that require legal assistance. 

For more information on elder law attorney practices and fees in Baltimore, Maryland, please contact the law office of Thomas Mallon today.

What is Estate Planning?

Most people do not know that they have an estate, but most people do. An estate is anything that you own, whether it be your car, real estate, or a bank account. Regardless of how much you own, anything that is yours is part of your estate. When the time comes for you to plan for the distribution of your assets after you die, that is called estate planning. If you want to control how your possessions are distributed, an estate planning attorney is essential. Thomas Mallon is an estate planner in Baltimore County, MD. When it comes to trust planning, or estate planning, it is important that you elect a power of attorney, or someone who will be in charge of distribution of your estate. Attorney Mallon has been helping people with this process for many years. 

If you are at the time of your life where you are thinking ahead about your estate trust, you may want to consider working with Attorney Mallon. Mr. Mallon is available to speak with you about your questions regarding estate planning, trust administration, estate tax, or income tax related to estate planning. Please give his law offices a call today if you would like more information.

Elder Law In Baltimore

What Should You Consider Before Choosing an Elder Law Attorney in Baltimore MD

Handing over your family legal matters to an elder law attorney in Baltimore MD is a great gesture of trust. Granted there’s a considerable number of Baltimore elder law firms out there that provide unsatisfactory services. 

You must take your time before settling on an elder law attorney you are certain won’t disappoint you. As some may let you down by either not having a good strategy that won’t bring results or representing you in a way that will lead to more costs. 

Considering some important points during the selection process will make choosing a Baltimore elder law firm easier as you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for. 

The following is a list of four things you should consider when choosing an elder law attorney in Baltimore MD. 

If you live in Baltimore County, you will notice there are numerous Baltimore elder law firms you can choose from. And Looking for an experienced elder law attorney might seem like the most obvious thing to do. But, there’s more to it. It’s one thing if an elder law attorney has been serving many areas in Maryland for over 20 years. And, it’s quite another if an elder law firm has been in existence for over 30 years. 

The number of years a Baltimore elder law firm has been in operation doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an outstanding establishment. It might have employed numerous elder law attorneys during that time frame. You’ll have more confidence in an elder law attorney with many years of experience as you’re sure he has seen it all before and knows strategies that will produce results. 

Beware of inexperienced elder law attorneys. 

A lot can be learned about how a Baltimore County elder law firm is run by how they treat their clients. Any sense of desperation to simplify complex legal matters or pushy up-selling is a sign they have trouble earning sufficient work honestly. 

A good Baltimore elder law firm has loyal clients and referrals due to their mediation strategy on issues that concern seniors and family matters. The ability to achieve favorable outcomes in court requires experience in practice.

 In Baltimore County, Law Office of Thomas Mallon LLC is a reliable elder law attorney, who is committed to providing comprehensive legal representation that produces results. You can call 410-847-9075 to schedule an appointment, 

In some elder law firms in Baltimore County, the client is likely to interact first with a customer care representative, not the expert elder law attorney.

Go for ones who will grant you access to the attorney, only an experienced attorney is very familiar with the workings of the legal system. 

Finding an experienced elder law attorney in Baltimore MD that explains complex legal matters with productive mediation may be hard. But, an expert law attorney will modify their services to meet your situation demands. Law Office of Thomas Mallon LLC has extensive experience reviewing cases and providing legal assistance that produces positive results. 

When choosing an elder law attorney, it’s fundamental to think about the specific needs of the senior involved. If any member of your family or friends has a case that requires specialized legal strategy, make sure that the Baltimore elder law attorney can provide that. If not, you may need a referral to one that can provide legal assistance that will suit your needs. Expert lawyers in Baltimore County can provide that, as they usually have a network of trusted elder law attorneys for referrals.

You wouldn’t take your Samsung phone to a gadget repair shop that services only IOS, and vice versa. The same principle applies to family legal matters, divorce mediation, personal injuries, etc. 

Even though Law Office of Thomas Mallon LLC can provide legal assistance ranging from Baltimore elder law, divorce, legal separation, to alimony, property division, etc. Our team is well trained and qualified, we also understand the nitty-gritty of Baltimore elder law. Including advocating for the best possible outcome in your case. 

Choosing a specialized Baltimore elder law attorney may seem like a difficult task. 

With so many choices in Baltimore County, it’s hard to determine which one will represent you well without needing further recommendations or trial and error. Finding a reliable elder law attorney can be invaluable. 

Here’s why choosing a dependable elder law attorney that specializes in family legal matters is the best choice. 

A specialized attorney will have the expertise specific to your case, meaning less chance of dissatisfaction occurring during a court case. 

An expert elder law attorney will also provide a customized service that will suit your situation, this produces positive results

Although many experienced law firms are dedicated to providing the best legal assistance to you. No matter its area of expertise, finding an expert elder law attorney that specializes in your specific case will have additional benefits.

Law Office of Thomas Mallon LLC focuses on handling divorce, custody, legal separation, visitation, child support, alimony property division, and other related matters. 

Our team has gained experience and understanding of these specific cases which has led to outstanding results. 

Getting a service rate on any project or service from a professional before project execution makes sense in many fields. But in a law case, it may be complex. While most experts in different fields will be more than happy to offer an estimate, Baltimore elder law cases come in different forms. 

How a Baltimore MD elder law attorney charges depend on the case and the process of handling it. For many seniors in Maryland, the idea of consulting an elder law attorney means budgeting very legal bills. Fortunately, if you properly plan, know what you want, and get a trusted elder law attorney, you won’t have to pay outrageous law bills. 

Here are few different ways Baltimore MD attorneys bill their services:

You can go for an experienced elder law attorney that will listen to you for the first time. This will help you know if you can use them or not. In Baltimore MD, Law Office of Thomas Mallon LLC offers affordable legal advice on all family-related matters. We also offer free consultation, call 410-847-9075 to schedule an appointment. 

Flat Fee: An attorney may prefer this rate for basic matters like a client’s contract review. Cases that are billed via flat fees are plain and routine matters. 

Hourly Rate: some elder law attorneys bill per hour, also known as per diem rates. While some that travel to long-distance locations outside Baltimore County may charge for the whole day due to the long-distance location. 

Contingent Fee: in Baltimore County, some attorneys work on a contingency basis. For complex family legal matters or other complicated issues, an elder law attorney may decide to charge a contingency fee. It entails receiving a percentage of case proceeds. This percentage varies from 20 to 40 percent, which is obtained after the case is resolved with a positive result. However, if the results are unsatisfactory, the attorney will get a flat small fee, usually called out of pocket expenses.

Monthly Retainer: If you need legal advice on any issues that occur routinely, a monthly fee may be the best option. It gives you access to ask a lot of questions about any case and also provides answers that will yield a positive outcome. 

For anyone, you choose to go with, endeavor to discuss it with your elder law attorney. There should be an agreement that states the rate charges and billing method. Law Office of Thomas Mallon LLC offers a free consultation that will guide you in making informed decisions. call 410-847-9075 to get started. 

There are many ways to know a reliable elder law attorney in Maryland. Asides from asking family and friends, check if the elder law firm is online and has good reviews from its past clients. 

For instance, Law Office of Thomas Mallon LLC is renowned for its excellent legal service both regarding how they handle family matters as well as their client base. Pay more attention to the firm’s client reviews as their information is more reliable.

Never underrate the power of good reviews and recommendations from past clients as they could save you a lot of avoidable misrepresentation and the extra stress of searching for a solution. Most reputable attorneys have reviews of past clients on their website. You can learn a thing or two about an elder law attorney if you listen or read the reviews of the past client experience with them. 

While reviews and recommendations shouldn’t be a 100 percent deciding factor in choosing an elder law attorney, they can help give you insight into how the attorney or the team works.

You will get to answer questions like: 

Is the attorney friendly? as some people cannot stand a hostile attorney (not when you may be going through a complicated law case), What are the turnaround times like? especially when some results are dependent on how fast the attorney works. If the law firm comprises a team, Is there a specific attorney that clients seem to prefer over others? 

Reading and listening to reviews will give answers to the aforementioned questions. 

Final Words

All in all, Law Office of Thomas Mallon LLC have over 20years of experience providing satisfactory results to residents of Baltimore County. We offer top-of-the-line legal advice to IRS Disputes, Estate Planning, Divorce, and Custody cases in Baltimore. Our friendly team of experienced and qualified attorneys is happy to provide a free consultation. To learn more about our legal services, or if you have any questions, feel free to call 410-847-9075.

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