Divorce Lawyer represent both sides

Can a lawyer represent both sides in a divorce?

Divorce is a highly stressful event in one’s life. One can only imagine how much expenses could be reduced by using one attorney who can represent both parties. For when a number of important decisions need to be made, including whether to hire a divorce lawyer. But can a Divorce Lawyer represent both sides?

Despite this sounding like a good option, it’s actually not allowed. This results in a conflict of interest for the attorneys who are not allowed to take clients like this.

Divorcing and moving couples apart are included in this category.

Is it possible for a divorce lawyer to represent both parties?

In the event that we are in agreement, what then? Despite the fact that you and your spouse may be nice and agree on everything regarding the divorce. An attorney cannot represent both of you at the same time. Neither side can have an attorney guiding both parties at once. This is simply not possible.

Divorce Lawyer represent both sides

Mediation can be handled by a lawyer

A divorce attorney Baltmore County can only assist in the final acts of divorce on behalf of one of the parties. Thus both parties don’t need to hire one, only one side needs one. Through mediation, this can be achieved.

Mediators help divorced couples come to an agreement in a divorce by assisting them with a neutral third party. Couples may find this to be a good option. Especially since it rids the need for a court appearance and saves money on legal fees. Lawyers are often able to act as mediators. Mediators are not permitted to give legal advice to parties.

Therefore, a mediator cannot represent you, but they can assist you if you prefer mediation. If either spouse hires that lawyer prior to the mediation. Then that lawyer would then represent one party over the other and would no longer act as a mediator.

Divorcing couples can benefit from the assistance of a mediator in the following areas.

Legal advice is something they cannot offer. It is highly encouraged that if you decide to seek legal advice, you work with an attorney.

If you haven’t fully understood your rights legally in mediation, you might end up getting bad results. This is because you might not be fully aware of what options a divorce lawyer can inform you of.

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